Heavy Haul Services

  • Used to ship cargo with an exceeding weight of 80,000 lbs
  • Over-weight Permits are required when exceeding 80,000 lbs gross shipping weight
  • Multi-Axle RGN, Low Boy, Double Drop Trailers are examples of what’s used to haul over dimensional loads


  • Used to haul large or oversized materials or loads
  • Industries most common served: Oil & Gas, Construction, Military, Steel, Lumber, Agriculture
  • Average capability: max weight of 48,000 lbs. Legal load not to exceed 8’,6’ Wide, 7’ Tall and 48’-53’ Long

Step Deck

  • Used to haul tall cargo to avoid DOT Permits
  • Industries most common served: Military, Steel Fabricators, Heavy Equipment, Oil & GAS
  • Average capability: max weight of 48,000 lbs. 8’,6’ Wide, 10’ Tall and 48’-53’ Long

Hot Shot Trucking

  • Used to transport small, time-sensitive loads to accessible locations.
  • Usually less than a truckload (LTL) and are typically only for a single customer or location
  • Average capability: max weight of 15,000 lbs. 8’,6’ Wide, 9’ Tall and 40’ Long.

Sprinter Van “Door to Door” Service

  • Sprinter vans are smaller than flatbed or dry van trucks, and they can be used for expedited freight shipping
  • Sprinter vans can also transport up to 3,500 lbs of weight or three standard pallets
  • Used for Local or nation-wide small cargo hauling

Crane Services

  • Help lift and move heavy objects
  • Great for loading heavy and over dimensional cargo
  • Cost effective way to achieve your project goals

Industrial Outdoor Storage

  • Provide safe and secure place to store items
  • Space Solutions for temporary projects
  • Custom lot sizes for specific lease terms
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